Photo collage watercolours by Vera Billing

POETIC REALISM – inspired by nature and plants, I work with watercolour and graphite.

Nature is for me perfect and poetic! Being in nature makes me alert and joyful, humble and calm, all at the same time. A state of mind I hope radiates out from my work.

I am a self-taught artist from northern Sweden, now living more south-east in my small, selfbuilt cottage/studio in the woods outside Borensberg. I paint with many layers of carefully mixed colours and also enjoy experimenting with making paints.

Light Fountain. 25x25 cm (10x10"), 2023. Private


Portfolio with galleries of Forest and water, Buildings, Floral and still lives and more.

Pink hepaticas. 25x35 cm (10x14"), Saunders hot pressed paper. 2019. 300€


Here you find watercolours and drawings of plants with more botanical accuracy.

A small buzzard feather.


Pencil drawings of other objects than plants.