It is so fascinating to study and draw plants – each species has its unique way of expressing itself: what the buds look like, how the leaves are nerved and dented, how they attach to the stem, how the sepals and petals cooperate in the flower…

Drawing makes intellectual knowledge your own.

Graphite with dashes of watercolour. Most are approx. 20 cm (8″) and all on acidfree 200gsm paper. Some are also for sale – contact me if you are interested. Click an image to see it larger!

Digitalis purpurea, foxglove.

Digitalis, purpurea, foxglove

Hypericum perforatum, St John's-wort.

Hypericum perforatum, St John’s-wort

Helianthus annuus, sunflower.

Helianthus annuus, sunflower

Helianthus annuus, sunflower, backside.

Helianthus annuus, sunflower backside

A study of a red rose.

study of a red rose

S.tudy of a red rose

study of a red rose

Study of a white rose.

study of a white rose

Trifolium medium, zigzag clover.

Trifolium medium, zigzag clover

Laburnum anagyroides, laburnum.

Laburnum anagyroides, laburnum

Calendula arvensis, wild calendula.

Calendula arvensis, wild calendula

Inula helenium, elecampane.

Inula helenium, elecampane

Campanula rotundifolia, harebell.

Campanula rotundifolia, harebell

Plantago lanceolata, ribwort plantain.

Plantago intermedia, ribwort plantain

Dipsacus sylvestris, teasel.

Dipsacus sylvestris, teasel

Knautia arvensis, field scabiose.

Knautia arvensis, field scabious

Allium schoenoprasum, chives, flower study.

Allium schoenoprasum, chives

Hylocomium splendens, glittering woodmoss.

Hylocomium splendens, glittering woodmoss

Vaccinium vitis-idæa, lingonberry twig.

Vaccinium vitis-idaea, lingonberry twig

Calluna vulgaris, heather.

Calluna vulgaris, heather

A withered spruce cone.

a withered spruce cone

Lonicera periclymenum, honeysuckle.

Lonicera periclymenum, honeysuckle

Irises, dry and fresh.

Iris study, flowering and dry

rucola flower study

study of rucola flowers

Pimpinella saxifraga, burnet saxifrage.

Pimpinella saxatilis, burnet saxifrage

Cirsium arvense, creeping thistle, male plant.

Cirsium arvensis, creeping thistle, male

A study of rose hips.

study of various rose hips

Viburnum opulus, viburnum berries.

Viburnum opulus, berries

Rosa rogusa, rose hip.

Rosa rugosa, rose hip

Bromus sterilis, barren brome.

Bromus sterilis, barren brome

Triticum æstivum, wheat.

common wheat

Hordeum, barley.


Avena sativa, oats.


A beech twig in autumn.

study of a beech twig in autumn

Fagus sylvatica, beech nuts.

study of beech fruits

Wild apple blossoms.

study of crabapple flowers

Gypsophila elegans.

Gypsophila elegans

Heirloom tomato.

a heirloom tomato

Japanese lantern.

Japanese lantern

Tussilago farfara, colt's-foot.

Tussilago farfara, colt’s-foot leaf

Crataegus monogyna, hawthorn.

Crataegus monogyna, hawthorn

Epilobium hirsutum, great willowherb.

Epilobium hirsutum, great willowherb

Trifolium arvense, hare's-foot clover.

Trifolium arvense, hare’s-foot clover

Melampyrum pratense, common cow-wheat.

Melampurym pratense, common cow-wheat

Syringa vulgaris, lilac.

Syringia vulgaris, lilac