In 2019 I made a year-long project called Sunday Flowers/Söndagsblommor. Every Sunday I arranged a fresh flower in a glass on my table, studied it intensely for a while and then quickly sketched it down with a thin Chinese brush, dipped in a dark watercolour mix of indanthrene blue and sepia. After drying I added some little colour. The paper was handmade in India from recycled cotton rag, hard like cardboard, with a  very rough surface. It couldn’t handle water like normal watercolour paper and did not take any erasing. So any drawing with pencil was out of the question.

During winter Sundays I selected my ‘victim’ in flower shops, but from early spring til late autumn, I chose wild or garden flowers.

No cheating – on some Sundays I was not at home, so I then took a cut sheet, paints and brush with me.

So – I ended up with 52 square sketches, here presented to you. They have been exhibited summer -22 in my own small show, close to home in Borensberg, Sweden and also in Galleri Akvarellen outside Oslo in Norway in September, where I was invited to be part of the 10 year celebration of the gallery and am very grateful for that! Some flowers are sold, but if you are interested in one or several of them, please contact me. Size is 25×25 cm (10×10″) and they look beautiful, mounted in some colored mat and framed. Price is only 50€ each.

Sunday Flowers 1, Ranunculus, SOLD
Sunday Flowers 2, Clematis. SOLD
Sunday Flowers 4, Chrysanthemum. 50€
Sunday Flowers 3, Tulip. 50€
Sunday Flowers 6, small chrysanthemums. 50€
Sunday Flowers 5, Mimosa, Acacia. 50€
Sunday Flowers 7, Plantago and Queen Anne's lace in winter, groblad och hundkäx på vintern. 50€
Sunday Flowers 8 Anemone coronaria, anemone, ranunkel. 50€
Sunday Flowers 10, Helleborus purpurascens, hellebore, julros. 50€
Sunday Flowers 9, white rose. SOLD
Sunday Flowers 11, carnations. SOLD
Sunday Flowers 12, Galanthus nivalis, snowdrops, snödroppe. 50€
Sunday Flowers 13, Anemone hepatica, hepatica, blåsippa. 50€
Sunday Flowers 14, Scionodoxa forbesii, Glory of the snow, vårstjärna. 50€
Sunday Flowers 15, Viola odorata, sweet violet, luktviol. 50€
Sunday Flowers 16, Calthea palustris, marsh marigold, kabbleka. 50€
Sunday Flowers 17, Aesculus hippocastanum, horse chestnut, hästkastanj. SOLD
Sunday Flowers 18, Prunus avium, wild cherry, fågelbär. 50€
Sunday Flowers 19, Geum rivale, Water avens, humleblomster. SOLD
Sunday Flowers 20, Malus domestica, apple blossoms, äppelblom. 50€
Sunday Flowers 21, Laburnum, gullregn. 50€
Sunday Flowers 22, Anthriscus sylvestris, Queen Anne's Lace, hundkäx. 50€
Sunday Flowers 23, Papaver rhoeas, field poppy, kornvallmo. 50€
Sunday Flowers 24, Rosa canina, dog rose, nyponros. 50€
Sunday Flowers 25, Centaurea cyanus, corn flower, blåklint. 50€
Sunday Flowers 26, Vicia cracca, tufted vetch, kråkvicker. 50€
Sunday Flowers 27, Filipendula ulmaria, meadowsweet, älgört. 50€
Sunday Flowers 29, Lavendula angustifolia, Lavender, lavendel. 50€
Sunday Flowers 28, Cichoria intybus, chicory, vägvårda. 50€
Sunday Flowers 30, Calendula officinalis, marigold, ringblomma. 50€
Sunday Flowers 31, Campanula rotundifolia, harebell, blåklocka. SOLD
Sunday Flowers 33, Convolvulus sepium, bindweed, åkervinda. SOLD
Sunday Flowers 32, Alcea rosea, hollyhock, stockros. 50€
Sunday Flowers 34, Solanum dulcamara, bittersweet, besksöta. 50€
Sunday Flowers 35, Clematis viticella, Old Man's Beard, vild clematis. SOLD
Sunday Flowers 36, Helianthus annuus, sunflower, solros. 50€
Sunday Flowers 37, Rosa rugosa 'Hansa'. SOLD
Sunday Flowers 38, Silybum marianum, milk thistle, Mariatistel. 50€
Sunday Flowers 39, Anemone hupehensis, windflower, höstanemon. SOLD
Sunday Flowers 40, Lathyrus odoratus, luktärt, sweet pea. 50€
Sunday Flowers 41, Trifolium pratense, red clover, rödklöver. 50€
Sunday Flowers 42, Symphyothricum novi-belgii, Autumn aster, höstaster. 50€
Sunday Flowers 44, Achillea millefolium, yarrow, rölleka. 50€
Sunday Flowers 43, Hydrangea, hortensia. 50€
Sunday Flowers 45, Hylotelephium telephium, kärleksört, orpine. 50€
Sunday Flowers 47, Phalaenopsis amabilis, moth orchid, brudorkidé. 50€
Sunday Flowers 46, Schlumbergera truncata, Thanksgiving cactus, novemberkaktus. 50€
Sunday Flowers 49, Hippeastrum cybister, Amaryllis 'Merengue'. SOLD
Sunday Flowers 48, Poinsettia pulcherrima, julstjärna. 50€
Sunday Flowers 50, Ornithogalum thyrsoides, Star of Betlehem, kapstjärna. 50€
Sunday Flowers 51, Lilium longiflorum, Eastern lily, trumpetlilja. 50€
Sunday Flowers 52, Hyacinthus, hyacinth. 50€