The sketchbook often goes with me when I am out exploring the landscape. If not out, I explore the indoors! Drawing with graphite is a meditative work that makes me concentrated and awake.

The work with graphite pencils reminds me of how I also paint with watercolours – building up layers and sculpting the shapes, thus creating shadows and preserving the light.

Graphite on acid-free 200gsm paper, most approx. 20×20 cm (8×8″). They are for sale as originals, please contact me.

Treetops I.

Tree tops I

Edge of forest I.

Edge of forest I

Edge of forest II.

Edge of forest II

A small buzzard feather.

Small buzzard feather

A rose in a glass.

A rose in a glass bowl

Flint sickle from late stone age.

Flint sickle from late stone age

Findings in the soil.

Findings in the soil

A very small wooden spoon.

A small wooden spoon

An old apple tree.

Apple tree

A study of shells.


Time has stopped.

Time has stopped