Photo collage watercolours by Vera Billing

You find many lovely botanical cards in two sizes, elaborated from my drawings and mostly of wild flowers. You also find cards on my Goethes Italian Journey monochrome series that you can see here.

There are Collections of cards for a reduced price, Meadow, Summer, Grass-flower-fruit and Goethe.

The note- and sketchbooks are handmade in my studio with simple machinery. The books have a semitransparent plastic sheet on front and back for extra protection. The pocket notebooks are handy – to put in the pocket!

For quantities exceeding 2000g, please contact me.

Prints of watercolours are on archival high quality paper and signed by me. There are just a few yet, but more will come! I have given priority to those made with unstable pigments – my plant pigment watercolours.

If you are interested in original artworks, please contact me.